show respect

See: defer, honor
References in classic literature ?
"Nay, nay, let us show respect to the good grandsire," said Bullivant, laughing.
I mean such things as these:--when the young are to be silent before their elders; how they are to show respect to them by standing and making them sit; what honour is due to parents; what garments or shoes are to be worn; the mode of dressing the hair; deportment and manners in general.
Lebedeff stamped his foot angrily; then, seeing the prince regarding him with amazement, he murmured apologetically--"Pardon to show respect! .
If the government finds it difficult to ensure basic amenities to its living masses, it should at least show respect for the dead ones.
Summary: Chaibasa (Jharkhand) [India], May 7 (ANI):Pickiing on Prime Minister Narendar Modi's criticism of the UPA government's MNREGA scheme, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to show respect while talking about the poor.
Always show respect to the elders and acknowledge them first in a group.
In a tweet, he said Jehangir Tareen attends the federal cabinet meetings on the desire of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the senior leadership should show respect for his desire.
Mahi B Chowdhury on Thursday called upon the Jatiya Oikya Front to take oath as early as possible to show respect to the voters, reports BSS.
He added that young lawyers should show respect to seniors.
The campaign encourages children and young people to think about what respect means to them, what it feels like to be respected and how they show respect to others.
We'll be talking about how you can show respect for other children, parents and carers and teachers.
From a Cardiff perspective we'll rightly show respect but its about getting the three points for us at the end of the day!