show signs

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References in classic literature ?
Even Julian's patience began to show signs of yielding.
Norah's self-control began to show signs of failing her.
His people, however, were not equally satisfied by a regulation of trade which worked so manifestly against them, and began to show signs of discontent.
The latest growth figures show signs that the industry may already be feeling the impact of the TRAIN law, which was passed last year to lower the personal income tax while imposing higher consumption taxes on goods such as cars.
Affected sheep may show signs such as progressive weight-loss, weakness, lowered appetite, emaciation, a brittle open fleece or the development of anaemia characterised by pale mucous membranes.
According to researchers from the University Of Waterloo in Ontario,Canada, children commonly show signs of a mental disorder soon after receiving a diagnosis involving of a chronic physical condition - asthma,food allergy, epilepsy, diabetes or juvenile arthritis.
Even though growth in China's shadow banking activity continues to outpace that of nominal GDP, it has started to show signs of stabilisation, according to some analysts.
A representative for the actor told Us Magazine that while Morgan remains in critical, but stable, condition, he continues to show signs of improvement.
The most optimistic voters were in the C2 social group of skilled manual workers, 47 per cent of whom expect the economy to show signs of recovery soon.
5% during August as the property market continued to show signs of slowing down, Government figures have revealed.
New radar images of Saturn's smog-shrouded moon Titan show signs of a shoreline cutting across the moon's southern hemisphere.
BOSTON, MA -- Children in low income families that receive public housing subsidies are less likely to show signs of undernutrition than those of comparable families not receiving housing subsidies, especially if the family is not only low income but also food insecure, a group of American researchers reported.