show similarity

See: connect, relate
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The films tucked away in the basement downstairs further leverage the cities' history of division to show similarity, providing a counterpoint the variety of voices in the interviews.
Recent studies looking at biopsies of lesional skin in melasma patients show similarity to solar-damaged skin.
The findings of these studies show similarity to the findings of our study.
Since Gujarati has shown high false acceptance with Hindi and Marathi, it might not have enough false accepted samples left to show similarity with Konkani.
(ix) Hindi and Urdu show similarity. Hindi shows [Y.sub.Urdu]% in the range 25%-40% while Urdu shows [Y.sub.Hindi]% in the range 30%-60%.
(v) Kannada and Marathi show similarity. This can also be justified from the fact that the two are neighboring languages (Figure 15).
The total time taken by 20 utterances to verify and show similarity is 27.2988 seconds.
A number of photos displayed the historical relations between Syria and Yemen as they show similarity between the plastic arts in the two countries during the Himyari and al-Tiamouri eras.
However, given all of the analytic, pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, and clinical studies that are required to show similarity, as well as the years of clinical experience with the originator biopharmaceutical, it's unlikely that new safety issues will arise with a biosimilar.
They show similarity to other professionals with comparable levels of education such as journalists, nurses and dental students," said Coleman.
If strains can persist, some isolates will show similarity to the Spanish-Iceland 6B clone (Spain [.sup.6B]-2) of Streptococcus pneumoniae, which is the most prevalent serogroup 6 clone worldwide.
The findings of that research show similarity with the study.