show variety

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Our latest findings show variety and convenience are key to appeal to
They then made their names on the BBC show Variety Parade.
They show variety of interesting biological activities, such as antifungal [5], pesticidal [6] and antibacterial activities.
Chaplin If the set-pieces show variety, the gameplay excels, from foot soldiers to biplanes, from horseback to boat.
He was one of the first illusionists to move from stage shows to TV - making his first appearance in the show Variety in 1937.
Students will go over their pencil lines with Sharpies (thick and thin), paying attention to the line quality needed to show variety.
The Sort of Late Show variety show featuring comedian Shaun Connolly and music by Grade "A'' Fancy, followed by dance party with Man vs.
In 1955, they made their first TV appearance on BBC show Variety Parade and became regulars for three years.
But in June 1955, Mike and Bernie made their first television appearance on the BBC show Variety Parade, and became regulars for three years.
1 Clinical features may show variety according to the flow power, the level of intraocular pressure and duration of the condition.
It can be a bit hard after doing the hard drama of Love/Hate, but it's worth exploring to show variety.
In 1936 she joined Billy Reid and his orchestra and after the Second World War began to work for the BBC radio show Variety Bandbox.