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Another bathroom safety product that can be adapted for children is the shower seat. The shower seat is usually mounted at the same height as the toilet seat, so for adults that would be most comfortable in the 15 to 19 inch range.
ANZZI's Goreme Wall Mounted Teak Shower Seat is yet another attraction in its product portfolio.
"Providing additional conveniences like hair dryers, storage for toiletries, integrated shower seats, and warm finishes offer the familiar amenities of home," says Jennie Evans, vice president and operations specialist at HKS Inc.
And if you want the comfort of a sit-down shower experience, Fired Earth (01295 814 300/ has a wall-mounted, flip-down, folding shower seat, ideal for transforming a walk-in shower into a spa.
He sometimes uses two of these fixtures: one to shine on the plumbing, the other over a built-in shower seat. "That leaves a convenient spot in the center to place a vent," he says.
As she sank into the hard plastic shower seat, Rider felt the rush of water running into her eyes and down her face.
Buy a shower seat if you have difficulty standing for an extended period of time.
Cindy says the placement of a grab bar behind the shower seat wasn't good, and they had to shell out a $25 deposit for an extension cord.
Its most recent innovation is the EZ Bath and Shower Seat, which assembles in seconds and offers European styling and design.
An inner hall leads to two bedrooms and there is a recently .tted shower room with a large shower cubicle containing an electric shower and shower seat. There are also .tted carpets which are included in the guide price of pounds 105,000.
A If you feel that you are unsteady on your feet, a shower seat might be a better idea.