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At its conclusion (while the music was performing a symphony as if ever so many birds were warbling) the whole house was unanimous for an encore: and applause and bouquets without end were showered upon the Nightingale of the evening.
He was on his way to our lines with some missive, and had little enough to say to us, though frivolous and flippant questions were showered upon him from most saddles.
His greatest day on the track naturally has its own chapter - The Magnificent Seven - and it is fascinating to read of Dettori's sense of shock, even the day after, as well as his clear delight in recounting vignettes about his celebrations and the congratulations showered upon him.
We will miss the love and care you showered upon us all.
He grew angrier and angrier, this man, and finally he was shouting about mortal sin, and God's vengeance, and cowardice, and surrender, and how suicide is just as much murder as homicide, and a terrible shame showered upon the poor survivors, and the unimagined fires of hell; and I said nothing, and no one else in the meeting said anything either, and finally the man realized he was embarrassing himself and everyone else, and he subsided.
His mercy is showered upon those who engage in good deeds and the merits for them are multiplied,while those with a streak of bad deeds even are forgiven -- provided that they are sincere in their repentance and strive to please God alone.
AQUARIUS Jan 20- Feb 18 Praise and appreciation is likely to be showered upon you on the social front.
Stress is not showered upon us, it is manufactured.
My husband is my truest friend and that matters to me more than diamonds and gifts that I get showered upon," said Shetty.
Gerrard admits he was unprepared for the praise showered upon him since Friday's announcement.
Singh had earlier said he was truly honoured and felt "humbled by the love and affection showered upon me by the people and government of Japan.
The only things that ever change are the various outmoded titles showered upon Cockney sparrow Alan Sugar and his trusty telly sidekicks.