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Idomeneus drew his spear out of the body, but could not strip him of the rest of his armour for the rain of darts that were showered upon him: moreover his strength was now beginning to fail him so that he could no longer charge, and could neither spring forward to recover his own weapon nor swerve aside to avoid one that was aimed at him; therefore, though he still defended himself in hand-to-hand fight, his heavy feet could not bear him swiftly out of the battle.
In spite of the (undeservedly) praise showered upon her by the so called pseudo intellectuals of Pakistan.
In spite of the (undeservedly) [sic] praise showered upon her by the so called pseudo intellectuals of Pakistan; in spite of the eulogising of her by the Tom Dick and Harries of the paid anti-army media.
We thank you for the blessings you have showered upon us.
I realised then that it is not only the favours He has showered upon us but also the huge potential He has built into our design, which is ours to develop or destroy.
There was no mention of Willie O'Ree or Sarah Breedlove or Ada Sipuel or Clara Luper or Guy Bluford or hundreds of others whose stories were buried under the accolades showered upon white entrepreneurs, white athletes, white scientists and white explorers.
On arrival at the hospital 'our' ambulance was the only one to arrive there, and every possible care and attention was showered upon our 93-year-old Mum.
On arrival at the hospital 'our' ambulance was the only ambulance to arrive at the hospital, then every possible care and attention was liberally showered upon our 93-yearold Mum (who had dreaded going to hospital fully expecting the long queue outside and the wait in ambulance/corridor.
The proclamation further indicated that the people of Liberia have always given thanks and praises to the Almighty God for his tender mercies and manifold blessings showered upon us as a nation especially for His continuous protection and blessings in times of peace, disaster, and other natural phenomena over the years.
Crisps and beverages are being handed out, a buzz is in the air, congratulations are showered upon the young writer.
19 (ANI): Paramount Pictures has finally responded to the hate that has been showered upon their new movie 'Mother
He has already won five prestigious national and international awards for "Private Money Lending" and although "Hair Loss" has just hit the stores, high praise is already being showered upon this author for his newest book.