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This year, Speakman launched a new e-commerce site to address the growing demand for direct sales to consumers who appreciate the hotel-like quality that Speakman showerheads deliver.
Going green without compromise is the Ecocamel mantra, and our 'new generation' showerheads deliver that promise.
And best of all, it requires no replacement filters, making this one-off purchase the perfect showerhead to combat:
Households can save up to 7,000 litres of water per year by replacing their water inefficient showerhead with an efficient one, Ms Davies said.
Not only does it have a twist-and-lock clamp bracket that can accommodate large showerheads as well as small, it also has variable fixing centres.
In the study, the researchers cleaned one showerhead that had high levels of Mycobacterium gordonae with a solution of bleach.
We assumed that the useful portion of a shower starts when the temperature at the showerhead is no longer being adjusted and ends when water flow stops.
Opportunistic pathogens enriched in showerhead biofilms.
If it takes less than 20 seconds to collect one gallon, you could use a low-flow showerhead.
In a comparison test of showerheads for the magazine's October issue, Consumer Reports examined the output of the $500 Hudson Reed Theme Thermostatic AS333 showerhead.
In Denver, according to the researcher, one showerhead with high loads of Mycobacterium gordonae was cleaned with a bleach solution in an attempt to eradicate it, but tests conducted several months later showed that the bleach treatment ironically caused a three-fold increase in the pathogen, indicating a general resistance of mycobacteria species to chlorine.
What the study could do, however, is probably inspire some enterprising entrepreneur to start a showerhead cleaning product called the "Showerbug Slayer" or something like that.