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Parts of South Wales in particular look likely to be affected by some of the most frequent bouts of showery rain during this period.
Occasional outbreaks of showery rain are also expected in parts of the region.
Daytime heat with altocumulus is expected throughout, showery prospects loom briefly in the Kavango by midweek.
The outlook is for showery weather tomorrow with many places fine on Wednesday with sunshine as the wind eases and temperatures rise again, before more rain at the end of the week.
Experts have predicted more rain and showery weather right up until the start of next week.
The National Weather Service said very cold air from Canada and Alaska will plunge southward, but the showery nature of the precipitation makes it likely that rainfall and snow amounts will be slight.
Wednesday will be showery, while Thursday and Friday will be wet again.
When Mexicans went to the polls on the showery Sunday of July 6 they dealt a hefty blow to the PAN.
After that it will turn showery for the first half of the week and by Tuesday it will be rather warm.
o 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abbey on a dull, showery day.
He said: "If the moon is bright enough and the conditions are showery, then rainbows can be seen by moonlight.
But cloud will increase along western coastal counties during the day with outbreaks of showery rain.