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Funny Mouse and Hosta 'Abiqua Miniature' are just the ticket and I grow then in old pigeon nest pans amongst their showier cousins.
So the narrative keeps playing off the disconnection between Frankie as the meditating Earth goddess and Grace as the buttoned-up WASP, with the familiar and emotional theme of two disparate people united through grief offset by predictable one-liners and showier interludes, such as having Grace break down in a fit of rage in response to a rude food-market employee.
In recent years, there has been a trend to spend all the wedding money on the showier aspects of the event and have a friend or a discount photographer.
Transformed, polenta cradles showier counterparts--sliced truffles, rich sauces, or shaved cheeses.
Generally, allover patterns are used on quilts that will be well-loved, where custom quilting is for quilts that will be a little showier. Decide where you want the focus: the blocks, the borders or the quilting.
While many of the exhibitors have been at the show before, their booths get bigger and showier every year and there is more> focus on the top-performing properties rather than the exhibitors' entire roster.
Tried-and-true varieties include the New Guineas that are larger and showier, and there is a new variety, SunPatiens, that will take a little more sun that the old variety.
A cluttered yard between close-set houses became the forever-enchanted site where I first found dim NGC 3077, the little-known third galaxy next to showier M81 and M82.
Gosling - all dyed-blond hair, tattoos and fast bikes - may have the showier role, but Cooper is sheer class as his mirror image.
No city boasts more classic modern houses than LA but most are out of public view and at risk from new owners who may buy them as tear-downs, to be replaced by something larger and showier. Happily, there's a growing public awareness of this legacy, thanks to the well-publicised campaigns of the Los Angeles Conservancy and other preservation groups, as well as a wave of museum exhibitions, books, and house tours.
Construction of 8 shops along the external fence of Abu Showier Youth Center.
His plumage is much showier than the hen's; some breeds of cock fowl sport tail feathers that are measured in feet rather than inches.