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Euphorbias are possibly the showiest plants in my garden at their peak – from early spring to early autumn.
Here is another example, certainly the showiest on view.
Some of the animal kingdom's showiest extremes, from deers' antlers to the outsized horns of male rhinoceros beetles, may be natural insulin meters.
Seven hundred fifty children and 150 elderly persons and nuns had been taken in--'my prettiest and showiest and altogether most appealing charity,' Edith called it in a brochure" (Lewis 330).
Former Time Lord Tennant outshines his Hollywood co-stars in the showiest role as a camp, leather trouser-clad Las Vegas magician, whose image as a bed-hopping dandy is shattered by his underwhelming performances between the sheets.
It's the showiest, the brassiest--it's the most commanding role I've ever played.
Topwater plugs get the showiest trout bites, but where finger mullet are thick enough to walk across on your favorite shallow grassflats, your go-to baitfish-style hard baits or soft jerkbaits may not produce as well as you would hope.
The bearded (also called German) iris is considered by many to be the showiest of the late spring flowers.
Designed in the traditional French style, Sir Nicolas Pevsner, comparing Impney to other country houses that were the product of industrial fortunes, declared it to be "the showiest of them all in the county".
Vegetables don't always have the showiest flowers to attract pollinating bees, so blending in sunflowers, sweet peas or zinnias can help the bees find your garden.