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Certainly everywhere Marilyn visited lambikin visited showily.
The Government lurches between being showily tough on crime and then discovering that its jails are near bursting point and hastily urging judges and magistrates to save jail for only the most dangerous offenders.
Ollanta Humala--whose first name in Quechua, Peru's main indigenous language, means "all-seeing warrior"--was the Chavista candidate, showily allied with the new Latin American left.
All of this explains why a bill that could lower some costs while showily punishing the "predators" of the legal profession has a good chance in a year when no one expects much else from Washington on healthcare.
Many of Eliot's allusions are magically effective, seeming to spring without premeditation from his auditory imagination, but others are showily eclectic, including the flourished "shantihs" that conclude the poem.
Enthusiastically received and showily feted throughout the island during his brief stay, Palacio became the object and privileged beneficiary of the island elite's warmest and most generous hospitality.
His companion, the boy with the gun, perhaps better resembles that defiant, showily colored male of Audubon's, and he sputters "you dirty--
We must forgive them, not showily, not on some future TV show and let's not even think of inviting them back to Liverpool.
As he puts his arms showily around Kat and blows kisses into the ear of the woman he has promised to marry, he clearly wants you to feel some sympathy for him.
The Knight is not showily or richly dressed, like his son (ll.
In that inscription, Yuan argues that poetry deteriorated over the course of the Southern Dynasties such that by the Liang and Chen eras, poetry had become nothing more than "licentiously alluring (yinyan [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), ornamental, showily artificial bits of versification.
Tukapu aknupu = elegantly, showily dressed Wallpay wana; Wallparillaq = industrious, diligent worker