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Of course if out and out showiness is a must have you can always order up the vindaloo 275 Trophy R with optional chiropractor.
As the UK summer carnival season kicks off with Glastonbury festival, bmi regional is offering customers who crave that rock star feeling the showiness of travelling by private jets with full in-flight service.
With this penchant for sartorial drama, Molly relished the showiness of her new Irish Crochet, a style of lace that reminded her of carved ivory.
Despite it being the programme's 10th anniversary there was none of the crude showiness of previous years.
His epigrams, interestingly, depict rustics who are not taken in by the showiness of men in fancy costumes, and kings in all their pomp are revealed to be equal to slaves in death and in its near cousin sleep.
"In the 1980s and early '90s there was a sense of showiness and bling and conspicuous consumption among the you generations," Wood says.
Why choose to do exactly what everyone else does, with the only individualization being the theme colors, the degree of showiness, and the amount of pupik shown by both the bat mitzvah girl and her mother?
If this scene would traditionally call for a response in the vein of a choral hymn, patriotically extolling the heroic accomplishments of civil engineering, the girls' sartorial gaudiness interferes with this script and undermines the showiness of the dam project.
The third surname, Poe, clearly an expedient and with a more tenuous connection to Doe and Roe, is traced to Old Norse pa 'peacock' and is among a number of European names with the meaning of 'showiness' and 'vanity'.
This makes for a spectacular man whose critical eye is drowned in his showiness. Saki stands as a better social critic mainly because he can be seen criticizing society.
There wasent any silks and satins, there wasent any big cars driven by schauffers [sic], nor was there splendor nor was there outward showiness of brass and gold, just two simple hearts, honest, sincere.
Like Dewey, Morris, too, was just as scathing of art treated as the instrumental showiness of class power.