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There wasent any silks and satins, there wasent any big cars driven by schauffers [sic], nor was there splendor nor was there outward showiness of brass and gold, just two simple hearts, honest, sincere.
Like Dewey, Morris, too, was just as scathing of art treated as the instrumental showiness of class power.
Kondylis has a name for such large projects: "prima donna buildings," which suggests a sort of showiness, but also artistic significance.
Jeffrey Skidmore marshalled his very talented band of singers and players in a hugely co-operative display refreshingly free from pretension or showiness, relying instead on a pared-down approach that owed much to an intelligent assessment of the composer's original intentions.
His showiness belies a very smart brain--if only he would use it.
I apprehend that some such minor deficiencies might have been detected in the general showiness of most of them" (23:126-27).
The company was known for its showiness, its luxurious attitude and for its extravagant marketing and I wanted to reflect that.
He brought rigour and discipline to all aspects of the preparation and management of the England team, he did not tolerate showiness or dissent, he laid the law down firmly and he had the respect of his players.
Rather, exaggerated competition for huge, losing projects was doomed to fail, especially since this was due to dominance of showiness.
It was filled this weekend with the extravagant showiness that is expected of such events.
Lacking such plumage, human males resort to exotic European automobiles, pricey dinners, vulgar wristwatches, and other forms of showiness.