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Inoex is showing its Advantage here for the first time: It allows pushbutton changes of polyolefln pipe dimensions and is said to be retrofittable on any pipe line.
For information about the MySpace Secret Shows One Year Anniversary party and gallery showing, please contact secretshows@unsceneinc.
Showing wood-flour fillers, including softwood and hardwood species, in particle sizes from 10 to 100 mesh.
Inside there was: a milk-bar, in the right breast; a planetarium showing the Milky Way, in the left breast; a mechanical man watching TV, in her heart; a movie-house showing a Greta Garbo film, in her arm; and an art gallery with fake old masters, in one leg.
More than 30 suppliers will be showing robots and end-of-arm tooling components.
One thing that came out of it was the Swiss Pavilion of the World Exhibition in Seville 1992, where I replaced the Swiss flag with large banners by Burkhard showing parts of the human body representing the six or seven senses, and created a circuit of work that integrated information, technology, politics, and art, which began with Vautier's painting La Suisse n'existe pas (Switzerland does not exist) and ended with his Je pense donc je suisse.
The forces of free- and pay-TV are already showing signs of synergy.
com and through GameSpy Arcade, the most popular online multiplayer service for gamers, and will be the first hour of the Monday night showing of the The David Lawrence show, carried around the nation on broadcast radio and on XM Radio channel 152 and Sirius Radio channel 144.
Many big machine suppliers are also showing new expert services, making a lot of industry talent accessible right at the show.
Chris Thompson, creator of ``Action,'' about a venal action-film producer, suggests that for creators of these series, showing the industry's bad behavior for all the world to see can be cathartic for writers and performers.
It's not that he's unknown; he's been showing for ten years or so, and he's in MOMA'S collection.
The new feature also records a descriptive label showing the program title, recording date and length.