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I was looking for Harry, please, sir;" and the boy bounded toward her, showing his spoils, which he had gathered in the skirt of his robe.
Davis-Standard is showing the first North American-built extruder with a gearless permanent-magnet torque motor (from Siemens) on its new EMDD (Electric Motor Direct Drive) extruder.
They're showing it twice a week and on (cable network) FX, and reaching a different audience every time.
It will provide them with a profile of the entire crowd, and specifically those showing interest in their product or service.
Dog Showing for Beginners by Lynn Hall, (IDG BooksWorldwide, $19.
To me, what I was showing were artworks but the critics and the public did not agree.
Conducting a successful trade show exhibit takes more than just showing up and setting up a booth.
invites its distributors in for a private showing of the company's new products and services.
In conjunction with the first anniversary concert, MySpace's Secret Show will also present a gallery showing featuring prints from Secret Show house photographers Jeremy Weiss of Day 19, Aaron Farley, Emily Shur, Matthew Salacuse, Zach Wolfe, and Jason Wilder.
Showing Pantone and custom color concentrates and special-effects modifiers--iridescent, phosphorescent, metallic, and glitter.
The show ends with a commercial about the IMAX movie showing next door.
Now, Cadtech has a half-million dollar contract to draw plans of the facility showing the base's compliance with OSHA regulations.