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Logic One is showing retrofit controls that can boost the speed and repeatability of older pneumatic robots with electric inverter motors at lower cost than servos.
Some exhibitors have even been caught snaking a hose down their steer's mouth right before showing, to give the animal the appearance of more weight gain.
Cincinnati Extrusion is showing its Fiberex conical (or parallel) twin-screw running 80% wood flour in PP interior profiles, a fairly new application in the U.S.
Was there a huge difference In showing in New York?
A hit of the show was another home-grown "commercial" showing the wrong way to handle a circuit board (a well-known engineer gets "blown up" by static electricity).
Draiswerke is showing a 300-hp Gelimat G25S thermokinetic mixer with increased cooling capacity to mix up to 85% mineral filler or wood-flour at up to 2000 lb/hr.
Nevertheless, the Pompidou team, headed by Bernard Blistene and Alison Gingeras, promises to do its best by showing the old with the new and allowing the artist's work to permeate not just the museum but tout Paris.
Now, Cadtech has a half-million dollar contract to draw plans of the facility showing the base's compliance with OSHA regulations.
The 1,800 mm and 2,100 mm are almost on top of each other showing that additional length is becoming meaningless.
Showing Pantone and custom color concentrates and special-effects modifiers--iridescent, phosphorescent, metallic, and glitter.
And Stephen Prina himself will be showing at the Frankfurter Kunstverein (Mar.
The forces of free- and pay-TV are already showing signs of synergy.