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The showman that he is earned a standing ovation after nearly every song.
He was a famous speak-speaker, showman, investor and entrepreneur.
Hugely popular in the Midlands, where he has regularly appeared over the past three decades, he is in real life the ultimate showman, able to manipulate any audience.
Not wanting this issue to hinder their relations with the foreign diplomats, the governing party, reportedly promised to carry out the operation of removing the government showman from the media.
I was interested in reading for a long time - people in the Showman world aren't really.
Fans of broadcasting legend Sir Jimmy Savile have been paying their last respects to the man they describe as "a showman right till the end".
Dilwyn is himself an accomplished showman and he duly took the supreme male bird title at Anglesey with a Black German Langshan.
The basic template was the "Scottish Round" of fairgrounds, which, as described to The Era by an anonymous showman, ran from March to December ("The Showman World" 1899; Showmen's Yearbook).
Attending the awards ceremony at Manchester Town Hall on July 2, optometrist and LOC chairman, Paul Showman (pictured second left) said: "It was a great honour to receive the award on behalf of the Manchester LOC.
New York, March 21 (ANI): Rachel Uchitel, the first woman linked to Tiger Woods following the public expose of his extramarital affairs, has threatened to file a lawsuit against a Las Vegas showman for making derogatory remarks about her on Facebook.
Old West showman William 'Buffalo Bill' Cody was more than just a notorious outlaw: he was a land developer, town promoter, and showman.