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TITLE-HOLDERS Helen Eastham from Preston, Lancashire, right, was awarded Borderway UK Dairy Expo Showmanship Champion.
He said: "We're aiming to have strong emphasis on UK youth participation, including showmanship classes also open to competitors from Northern Ireland, Ireland and mainland Europe, in order to help foster future business and marketing relationships with neighbouring EU countries.
He added: ``What people get mixed up with is showmanship,and the sport has survived because of the characters showing off to the crowd.
Kohen Stolte, Starr Shooters Dog Care Blue; Dog Obedience Beginner Novice 1 Blue; Showmanship Sr Blue Champion.
Their Wild West show at Nelson College in Burnley scored success in five categories, including display and showmanship, drill and deportment, general musical effect, best percussion and best field commander, while also scooping the overall supreme premier championship.Chairman Peter Gor-don said: "This result is an excellent reward for all the hard work over the past weeks by the members and staff and sets us up nicely for our first drum corps competition.
The Saline County 4-H Horse & Pony Committee will hold a Showmanship Clinic at 6 p.m.
SHOWMANSHIP Whether it was running along the touchline at Old Trafford with Porto or 'shushing' Liverpool fans, Mourinho was never predictable.
For Brighton-born Tony, who married a Yorkshire girl and now lives in Catterick, has a unique blend of musicianship and showmanship.
Baxter was the man responsible for an unforgettable Scottish football moment in1967 when he taunted England at Wembley with his 'keepie-up' showmanship. Scotland won 3 - 2.
His high energy and showmanship throughout the evening brought a well-deserved roar of approval from the audience.
performance Figure skater-artist Greg Wittrock brings a new brand of showmanship to the rink
Members of the Phantom Knights were victorious in the Overall Premier Class Champions Trophy and also took titles in the best wind section, drill and deportment, best percussion and display and showmanship.