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Junior Showmanship Champion title was awarded to Andrew Struthers, Ayrshire and Reserve Jennifer Veitch, Ayrshire.
When I grew up in Orange County, we used to drive up and try to get into the publicist's awards luncheon every year around this time," joked Ferrell before he handed over the motion picture showmanship award to Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal, the top execs at Sony Pictures Entertainment.
With showmanship like that it's easy to overlook the fact they probably only have a handful of decent songs that don't mention monkeys in the chorus.
I also enjoy] showing them my showmanship in cooking, great plate presentation and the taste [of the food].
Anatomists have accused him of sensationalist showmanship.
His surprise late night announcement to an empty chamber robbed TDs of any end of Dail theatrics and showmanship.
Director Michael Mann aims to stay true to Ali, a man forged by race, religion, strength, and showmanship.
BOB COSTAS' summation of the XFL: "A delightful combination of mediocre high school football and a caveman's conception of showmanship.
Utilizing a no-nonsense teaching style, tempered by razoredged wit, showmanship, and seemingly Herculean classroom standards, both teachers imbued their students with a love of their respective subject, the confidence to belie the conventional wisdom that a ghetto or barrio background is a barrier to high academic achievement, and the vision to see beyond the probabilities to the possibilities of their lives.
Juris' 'Friend of Mine' and Kyla's cover of the title track benefit from the seasoned songstresses' time-honed ability to fuse earnest singing with note-twisting showmanship and bravado.
Larissa Jones, 19, from Rossett, Wrexham, won the showmanship competition at last weekend's Borderway UK Dairy Expo, Carlisle.
The Harrison & Hetherington-organised show, which takes place on March 2 and 3 next year, has secured Donald Dubois of Princeville, Quebec, to judge the Holstein classes and Brad Sayles from Ayr, Ontario, for the coloured breeds and showmanship classes.