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But fear of man is slowly acquired, as I have elsewhere shown, by various animals inhabiting desert islands; and we may see an instance of this, even in England, in the greater wildness of all our large birds than of our small birds; for the large birds have been most persecuted by man.
That the general disposition of individuals of the same species, born in a state of nature, is extremely diversified, can be shown by a multitude of facts.
How strongly these domestic instincts, habits, and dispositions are inherited, and how curiously they become mingled, is well shown when different breeds of dogs are crossed.
It may be doubted whether any one would have thought of training a dog to point, had not some one dog naturally shown a tendency in this line; and this is known occasionally to happen, as I once saw in a pure terrier.
Fabre has lately shown good reason for believing that although the Tachytes nigra generally makes its own burrow and stores it with paralysed prey for its own larvae to feed on, yet that when this insect finds a burrow already made and stored by another sphex, it takes advantage of the prize, and becomes for the occasion parasitic.
I was shown ten times a-day, to the wonder and satisfaction of all people.
Some of the Moderniststyle art, such as the beautiful paintings by Fode Camara and Iba N'Diaye, has been shown in New York.
Unpublished investigations had shown that this behavior is improved considerably if the zinc oxide is replaced by zinc peroxide (ref.
New hopper loaders and vacuum receivers will be shown by AEC, Air Conveying Systems, Colormax, Conair, K-tron, Molders Choice, Motan, Novatec, Plastrac, Premier Pneumatics, Sterling, Thoreson McCosh, Universal Dynamics, and Wittmann.
Does the resentment that some European intellectuals have shown recently toward the English language imply a dread that this will be the tongue of the first stage of the emerging global culture?
The chemical structures of our segmented polyurethane, SEU, and polyurethaneurea, SEUU, are shown in figure 1.
Instruments will also be shown by Color Instruments, Equitech, Gardner, Hunterlab, and X-Rite.