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Before he reached him, Rostov, who was a splendid horseman, spurred Bedouin twice and successfully put him to the showy trot in which the animal went when excited.
The restaurant was not so showy or pretentious as the one further down Broadway, which he always preferred, but it was nearly so.
She had large, bright-blue eyes, a brilliant complexion, and a plump showy figure.
His friend was two inches shorter, of much less showy appearance, but of a more intellectual countenance, and of juster proportions.
She had seen Tom at all the balls in the best houses, found no fault with his exterior and manners, both of which were fashionable and showy, and now discovered that he had a most sympathetic heart, over which, unknown to herself, she had obtained a very unlimited control.
Everything on table showy and gaudy, but with a self-assertingly temporary and nomadic air on the decorations, as boasting that they will be much more showy and gaudy in the palatial residence.
It had once been hung with a showy and expensive paper, which now hung mouldering, torn and discolored, from the damp walls.
My raiment was of silks and velvets and cloth of gold, and by consequence was very showy, also uncomfort- able.
The deserted street lamps gleamed sullenly in the showy darkness like torches at a funeral.
Here the counsel in his wig and gown, and here the old Jew clothes-man under his dingy tiara; here the soldier in his scarlet, and here the undertaker's mute in streaming hat-band and worn cotton gloves; here the musty scholar fumbling his faded leaves, and here the scented actor dangling his showy seals.
BIRMINGHAM'S very own pocket rocket Showy Taylor - Britain's shortest pro at 4ft 11ins - unleashes his sawn-off slugging style in front of home fans for the first time next month.
Males are showy, females are choosy has been the accepted paradigm in sexual selection research for decades.