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Showy Flyweight title-holder Francis Ampofo was seen as the ultimate pocket rocket at half-aninch over 5ft.
The study challenges the established paradigm, which is most likely biased by the concentration of major universities in temperate climates, where the classic pattern of showy males and drab females is prevalent.
I don't care for being showy just for the sake of being showy.
The showy blooms are soon followed by conspicuous fruits, which have the appearance of yellowish, bladderlike pods.
Engin Koklucinar, the head of the center said, "we will not host showy fast-breaking meals from now on.
Black grouse are currently in their mating season, during which the males perform showy early morning displays in woodland leks.
It was more about mental strengths than showy football but the result was vital.
Seedlings of big bluestem and showy partridge pea were germinated in a commercial potting soil and grown for 42 days at which time plugs were transplanted.
CSI: New York puts you in the shoes of the famous TV detective duo on PC, Don King Presents: Prize Fighter is a showy boxing sim on Wii and Word Academy completes the line-up with a spot of 'edutainment' for DS owners.
1 : a showy growth (as of flesh or feathers) on the head of an animal
They have showy, colorful petals and delicious fragrance, says Dale ``Dallas'' Brown, a senior salesperson at Green Thumb Nursery in Canoga Park.
The big, showy species had been widely presumed extinct by the end of the 20th century.