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Thus, self-deluding, and in bondage sore, And wearing out the wretched shred of life To which I am reduced by her disdain, I'll give this soul and body to the winds, All hopeless of a crown of bliss in store.
The moccasins were in soggy shreds. The blanket socks were worn through in places, and his feet were raw and bleeding.
The sun had dried stray shreds of moss, and he was able to warm himself with hot water.
He was squatting in the moss, a bone in his mouth, sucking at the shreds of life that still dyed it faintly pink.
At the sound of a cawing overhead I looked up at the huge fighting-machine that would fight no more for ever, at the tattered red shreds of flesh that dripped down upon the overturned seats on the summit of Primrose Hill.
"First, he may find his way to England and upset the applecart; secondly, I've only the shreds of a conscience, but I can't leave a man whom I'm robbing of a fortune in a state of semi-slavery, as I daresay he is, and the third reason is perhaps the strongest of all; but I'm not going to tell it you."
Her voice seemed to rip the air into a million shreds and stamp on them.
She walked across a deserted field, where the stubble bruised her tender feet, so delicately shod, and tore her thin gown to shreds.
On this long, five-months' voyage, I found that among all my bodily needs not the slightest shred of a bodily need for alcohol existed.
Before he could regain them, however, his white-skinned foe had wheeled and pounced upon him, and in the act there dropped from the shoulders of the English lord the last shred of his superficial mantle of civilization.
But not one living thing could they spy-- not even a gull, nor a star-fish, nor a shred of sea-weed.
The small servant looked hard enough at it with her hungry eyes to see every shred of it, small as it was, and answered, 'yes.'