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For years an inmate of the palace, and often a listener in the armory when the King played at sword with his friends and favorites, De Vac had heard much which passed between Henry III and his intimates that could well be turned to the King's harm by a shrewd and resourceful enemy.
The duchess desired Sancho to come to her side, for she found infinite enjoyment in listening to his shrewd remarks.
The shrewd old savage had become something of a politician in the course of his daily visits at the fort.
This shrewd man's flattering words, the naive, childlike affection shown her by Liza Merkalova, and all the social atmosphere she was used to,-- it was all so easy, and what was in store for her was so difficult, that she was for a minute in uncertainty whether to remain, whether to put off a little longer the painful moment of explanation.
His hazel eyes were little and shrewd, like his mother's, but more sly and suspicious; they fairly snapped at the food.
said the cook, "you are a shrewd hind to dwell thus in a household, and ask thus to dine.
BY NEWSBOY SHREWD (nap) looks a smart investment in the Betfred Cesarewitch (3.
Jardine shows he's a Shrewd operator The Cesarewitch takes place at Newmarket this Saturday - and it's the usual minefield.
He was a very shrewd man, but always kind and fair.
He'll have a good pre-season, and a full season next year to work with his team, and he'll be shrewd in the transfer market.
Re-mortgaging numbers also continue to be strong, as shrewd home owners snap up competitive deals.
eve it for shrewd Luca Like a number of beasts in the field he is going into the unknown stamina-wise, but his shrewd trainer Luca Cu ma n i i s c on f i d e n t his c h a r g e will last out the marathon trip.