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ball, and shrewdest year both had in room was think Colin better second.
But Sean Dyche is one of the shrewdest managers in the business.
We have more than 80 of the country's shrewdest business brains agreeing that any increase in National Insurance will raise employment costs, losing thousands of jobs.
In fact, it may come down to the captains, which of them can get the most runs and which of them can be shrewdest in their decision-making in the field.
So there you have it: In life and in reality shows, the shrewdest may win, but it's the stupid who make all the noise.
Still, his focus on boomers might have been his shrewdest (or most cynical) political move yet.
Sir Mark Prescott, one of the shrewdest operators in the business, thought this colt good enough to merit an entry for the St Leger.
Jamie Moore is one of the shrewdest jocks around and he should be on the mark with Dev (3.
The most secretive and elusive of the large carnivores, a leopard is also the shrewdest over all the wild animals.
GARY Moore is one of the shrewdest trainers in the business and his Wine 'N Dine looks primed to run a big race on his handicap debut at Kempton.
New Zealand soccer coach Rikki Herbert will join Keane in tapping into some of the shrewdest thoughts in world rugby.