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Pharaoh invites his people, 'Come, let us deal shrewdly .
Buying and selling is part of football life, I accept that, but it must be done shrewdly and to the benefit of the club.
They've shrewdly invested her earnings from album sales around the world and ensured she'll never be short again.
POINT OF LIGHT (Sir M Prescott) - Comes from a stable that places its horses shrewdly and after winning with a ton in hand at Bath on Thursday evening, you can expect him to follow up at some point in the next seven days.
Nintendo have shrewdly realised that this gem of a game deserved another go and it was a decision I am sure plenty of gamers will be happy with.
However, Sunderland, shrewdly led by Roy Keane and managing director Niall Quinn, deserve the most kudos for the progress they have made on the smallest budget of the three.
Leslie Talbot's "Singular Existence" is a wickedly funny, smartly written, shrewdly realistic compendium of observation and advice based on her own dating experiences as an unmarried woman in a culture that prizes women getting married.
Some OEMs will shrewdly use their multiple divisions to entice new buyers while giving long-term owners a place to move while remaining a part of the family.
After a fine victory over Simon, the Welsh National was mooted as the target but Lavelle shrewdly kept her powder dry to wait for this instead.
All of this work established, as Lamer shrewdly calls it, the Michael Moore brand--satirical humor grounded not so much in wisecracks or jokes but in the juxtaposition of real words and images that expose falsity and hypocrisy.
Huck's Raft teems with trenchant insights, vivifying anecdotes, and shrewdly observed paradoxes, Its stories are fresh, its tales to the point.
Will Ferrell's NASCAR spoof ain't aerodynamic engineering by a long shot, but it is shrewdly uproarious at a mentally engaged speed that ``Smokey and the Bandit'' movies never clocked.