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In shrewdness of remark, and a certain cast-iron quaintness, the Yankees, or people of New England, unquestionably take the lead; as they do in most other evidences of intelligence.
He talked of inter-island politics with an ironic and melancholy shrewdness.
By these words of his the travellers were able to satisfy themselves of Don Quixote's being out of his senses and of the form of madness that overmastered him, at which they felt the same astonishment that all felt on first becoming acquainted with it; and Vivaldo, who was a person of great shrewdness and of a lively temperament, in order to beguile the short journey which they said was required to reach the mountain, the scene of the burial, sought to give him an opportunity of going on with his absurdities.
Like du Bousquier, like the Chevalier de Valois, she had a policy of her own; she was on the watch for circumstances, awaiting the propitious moment for a move with the shrewdness of maternal instinct.
de Treville, as he has ended by styling himself in Paris, had really commenced life as D'Artagnan now did; that is to say, without a sou in his pocket, but with a fund of audacity, shrewdness, and intelligence which makes the poorest Gascon gentleman often derive more in his hope from the paternal inheritance than the richest Perigordian or Berrichan gentleman derives in reality from his.
What, above all, manifested the shrewdness of the steward, and the profound science of the master, the one in carrying out the ideas of the other, was that this house which appeared only the night before so sad and gloomy, impregnated with that sickly smell one can almost fancy to be the smell of time, had in a single day acquired the aspect of life, was scented with its master's favorite perfumes, and had the very light regulated according to his wish.
When her unschooled friend, Jesse, is hunted un justly, Francie exhibits shrewdness and bravery.
It was the brainchild of Eric Morley, once a London orphan, an Army captain during the war and a self-made entertainment entrepreneur of great shrewdness and drive.
Dewar, perhaps with a politician's shrewdness always refused to admit any team allegiance.
The Saudi people mighty will and shrewdness would champion the Kingdom's path towards new horizons and put the country on the map along with advanced nations, he noted.
Very few remember that this tournament came to the Indian soil mainly due to the shrewdness and brilliant campaign of N.
Dabul, who hails from Buenos Aires, is a long way from being the best physical specimen Argentina has produced, but what he lacks in strength he makes up for in quality and shrewdness.