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When Petruchio falls seriously ill, Catarina diverts her shrewishness into a more efficient way of imposing her will and having agency: she decides to administer her husband's farm and to build a cheese factory there.
26] The ideology of shrewishness presented in teen comedies seems to be one that fancies itself feminist without actually understanding feminism at all, though the association between the teen shrew and the feminist seems intended to demonstrate the outmodedness of them both.
While Kate's shrewishness is foregrounded as a major obstacle to Petruccio's economic prosperity, Bianca's brief behavioral lapse proves a less significant indicator of Lucentio's future success.
Onscreen she repudiated Mama Rose, but offscreen she grew to revel in shrewishness.
Penelope Woodman plays Beatrice as a winking coquette with an appealing pinch of shrewishness and though Robert J Williamson's Benedick is more weary joker than sexy maverick, there is a convincing romantic energy between the pair.
Her bright soprano was complemented by acting that accomplished the difficult task of avoiding shrewishness when rejecting the advances of Eddie, her uncle by marriage.
Both, being young, had then the oafishness and shrewishness of ambitiously upwardly mobile youth.
In effect this means that in the light of Okonkwo's peculiar construction of "female" attributes, the personae of his mother's tale would be reversed: Ear would represent male superiority and Mosquito would represent female shrewishness.