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These new findings strengthen the link between brain shrinkage and long-term disability progression, supporting the significance of brain shrinkage for people with MS," said Vasant Narasimhan, Global Head of Development at Novartis Pharmaceuticals.
Generally, shrinkage is reduced as the carbon percentage increases, provided that freezing involves simultaneous precipitation and graphite growth contained within austenite shells.
For these reasons, a reliable prediction of concrete shrinkage strain is an important factor in the entire designing process.
While everyone accepts shrinkage as a fact of life, there is somewhat less agreement regarding the time frame required for a part to become dimensionally stable.
A comprehensive investigation into accuracy of shrinkage and creep prediction models was performed by Meyerson et al.
William Andrew, Handbook of molded part shrinkage and warpage, Plastics Design Library, Norwich, NY, 2003.
The goal of this study was to analyze the shrinkage of late-larval and early-juvenile Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) during preservation in 95% alcohol.
Triceps vibrations induced an illusion of the right arm flexing and shrinkage of the left index finger.
With sales dropping to their lowest point in 22 years, retailers are more vulnerable to the impact of shrinkage.
1995) described the effect of swelling and shrinkage on soil strength and also pointed out that the interaction between the pore water pressure and the possibility of particle rearrangement is very important for strengthening the whole system.
By executing active wait, avoidable shrinkage can be reduced by at least two percent-equating to a $600,000 savings for a 1,000-agent organization.