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In this context, the present study aimed to evaluate the contraction of the axes, unit volumetric shrinkage and volumetric shrinkage of the mass of safflower grains during drying.
Also the specimens, being removed from the cast blocks, were X-ray analyzed, according to the German standards for X-ray analysis [13, 14] and the shrinkages were categorized in the classes Cc-1 to Cc-5 according to [4].
With the application of fillers instead of fibers, a smaller degree of shrinkage reduction in the flow direction was experienced, but the difference between the flow directional and cross-flow shrinkages was significantly reduced.
A load cell capable of operating under high temperature and pressure inside an autoclave was used to measure the shrinkage stresses of water-saturated specimens under various drying conditions.
w], Moisture ratio at transition points of zero, residual, proportional, and structural shrinkages, respectively ([cm.
Shrinkage in injection molded plastic parts can be the result of a multitude of conditions.
Earlier this year, the Tax Court released two memorandum opinions upholding the use of estimates of inventory shrinkage at year-end.
A long, thin polypropylene specimen achieved both goals: The shape produces highly directional shrinkage which in turn produces warpage.
An intrinsic advantage of polyester is that the cord treatment can be tailored to achieve maximum tire uniformity by adjusting the shrinkage levels.
2]), as far as the set lies in a thin strip bounded by two solid curves representing the final shrinkages measured in two lateral directions as indicated in Fig.
Around the world, warp in lumber as a result of differential drying shrinkage is a considerable cause of value loss.