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To raise the return on capital in the face of a shrinking labor force, China has to keep a loose monetary policy bias in the long-term, as low interest rates are needed to stimulate investment.
The glaciers are shrinking more and more every year and there is much less snowpack to feed the rivers.
Since the cost of today's technology--both hardware and software--is shrinking, one would expect tax software prices to shrink, too.
Cigarettes: The incredible shrinking category (chart 1)
Slower defense spending, regional concentrations in shrinking sectors of the computer industry, and the restructuring of the financial services industry made New England more sensitive to an economic downturn than the rest of the United States.
All 60 of us in the network have to face a shrinking world thanks to political, economic, technical and social/cultural developments.
Every shrink label must undergo heat, and the ink not only has to endure that process and maintain its integrity, it also has to appear unaffected by the physical process of shrinking.
So, he questions whether shrinking would boost foraging efficiency and trim nutritional needs enough to matter.