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"More importantly, here in the UAE, our athletes have been treated as though they are the best, and though they do not get to hear this enough outside the Games, the truth is that they are," said Shriver.
Behind the scenes, Pratt had also been a constant in Shriver's family dinners.
By the time she'd married Sargent Shriver, Eunice Kennedy Shriver had learned "what feminists would spend the next two decades preaching: that the personal is the political."
But following Shriver's death at 88 in 2009, members of the Shriver family provided Mc-Namara with access to 33 boxes of private papers that open a window into a remarkable life, warts and all.
Timothy Shriver, nephew of assassinated US president John F Kennedy, says he hopes ordinary people will help turn the tide of prejudice and enable their goal to be achieved.
Shriver says she chooses her Architects of Change based on a unique criterion.
Wherever she plays she's kind of on edge," said Shriver.
Shriver's insights will be new to many but not all.
( Newseveryday reported that Shriver is again infuriated with the star's recent stunts.
This gratitude that Shriver expresses is meant particularly for all of the kids with intellectual disabilities and their families he has met over the course of his lifetime, whether or not their stories appear in this memoir.
Paul Glickman, Vice Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle; Peter Riguardi, President, New York Tri-State Region of Jones Lang LaSalle; David Levinson, Chairman & CEO of L&L Holding Company, LLC; Jonathan Mechanic, Chairman, Real Estate Department of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
Shriver, an American-born journalist and novelist who lives in London but has spent time in Nairobi, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, and Belfast, dedicates her newest novel, Big Brother (reviewed on page 42), to her brother, "in the face of whose drastic, fantastic, astonishing life any fiction pales." Yet, she told Bookmarks, "I deliberately avoided some of the political arguments circling obesity: the fat pride movement, the demonization of Big Food, controversies over fat taxes.