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Not long after her father, Peace Corps architect Sargent Shrivel, announced he had Alzheimer's in 2003, Maria Shriver sought to make a documentary about the disease.
Shriver was satisfied that her campaign would make a difference, however.
Shriver married into the family in 1953 when he wed Eunice Kennedy, sister of John, Bobby and Ted, and became a confidant of President John F.
During the summer of 2006, in celebration of Shriver's 85th birthday, the Camp Shriver concept was rekindled and nationally implemented in five sites across the United States.
Richard Malby, who directed one of the best Broadway revues ever, Ain't Misbehavin', conceived Ring of Fire and brought Shriver on board to handle the dance element.
Shriver suggests that a coalition of leaders from Western Europe, Africa and the Americas might some day make a collective admission of their role in the slave trade.
Shriver changed her name to Lionel from Margaret Ann when she was 15 because she thought that men had an easier life, reports the BBC.
You won't see a place where you'll say, 'There's the racial divide," says Shriver.
Shriver Art has plans to bring Britto's work to a new level of international distribution, starting with the release of never-seen-before originals, limited edition serigraphs and sculptures.
We also believe that only a Shriver (in this case, daughter Maria) could introduce a children's book in this fashion:
Police say Shriver was driving in Hyannis, Massachusetts, when a pick-up truck turned and struck her 1986 Jeep Cherokee head-on.
We've broken down a lot of barriers," says Timothy Shriver, president and CEO of the Special Olympics.