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But few are able to articulate that as engagingly as Shriver.
This gratitude that Shriver expresses is meant particularly for all of the kids with intellectual disabilities and their families he has met over the course of his lifetime, whether or not their stories appear in this memoir.
Shriver filed for a divorce in 2010 when she discovered Arnold fathered a love child with their maid on that year.
But through gripping, touching, and even funny stories about painful feelings and situations, Shriver humanizes terrible acts and pushes readers into places we're generally afraid to go.
Shriver also discussed his involvement in the Special Olympics and what the organization means to him and his family.
Shriver filed for divorce last year after 25 years of marriage following Schwarzenegger's admission he fathered a child with the family's housekeeper.
Best Buddies International, started by Shriver in 1989, is dedicated to creating opportunities for one-to-one friendship, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
But Ms Shriver moved out of the family's mansion earlier in the year after Schwarzenegger acknowledged the child was his.
Shriver and Schwarzenegger confirmed their split on Monday night, after questions on their marriage from the Los Angeles Times.
This has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us," Schwarzenegger, 63, and Shriver, 55, said in a statement.
Within a few years after Shriver founded the Peace Corps at the request of his brother-in-law, President John F.
Eunice Kennedy Shriver devoted her life to fighting for the rights of those with intellectual disabilities.