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O'Connell on Tuesday said that helped push things to a head and that recent talks between Stram and Shrives led to Shrives' decision to resign.
She said the level of 44-year-old Shrives's premeditation was chilling as she believed he had been out to buy the drug he used to make her daughter drowsy.
The conditions imposed by hearings official Gary Darnielle will require some adjustment, Peggy Shrives said, but shouldn't be too difficult to comply with.
The City Council will meet in a nonpublic session at some point in the future to discuss how it will deal with the newly filed litigation, Shrives said.
Mark Shrives, Peggy Shrives' husband, is the city administrator of Creswell.
The previous auditor kept records differently than the new auditor, so the first task was transferring 25 years' worth of records into a new system, Shrives said.
Severns agrees, and Shrives admits he doesn't know whether that's really an option.
Shrives said the $10,000 spent on the investigation probably will come out of the city's general fund and will go to cover the time of the city attorney and of investigator Stoelk.
Shrives said in a written statement that he learned of the incident on Sunday when he received an e-mail from Creswell School District Superintendent Todd Hamilton telling him about it and asking to meet with him on Monday.
But Shrives said the city has worked to expedite the process.
Shrives said the city plans to lease space to them temporarily and that public works staff will take its time moving in.
The city spent an estimated $1,500 to remove old carpet, clean up mold, repair a pump for the well, and repaint the space, Shrives said.