shrouded in mystery

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Much of his life is shrouded in mystery, but was once believed to be a nephew of King Arthur ?
Balagtas said the heightened security measures were put in place following last week's crash of an EgyptAir jet into the Mediterranean Sea, an incident still shrouded in mystery as to its cause.
With the sale of the airport to the Welsh Government most of the information is to hand and can be weighed in the balance: the sale of our assets to the City is shrouded in mystery.
Historically they have been shrouded in mystery with requests to reveal them refused by the Government.
Third party unlockers are amassing record profits in a lucrative industry that is shrouded in mystery and conducted in an underground virtual bazaar and hidden underworld, the firm said.
A FLAGSHIP policy to create enterprise hub zones around Wales to stimulate jobs and business growth is shrouded in mystery with too little known about what they are for, an Assembly committee has said.
IT is the Indian Navy's biggest peace time disaster till date, one that is still shrouded in mystery.
It was created by the House of Edgar, a tartan specialist based in Perth, where staff said the process had been shrouded in mystery.
Summary: New film documentary Catfish is shrouded in mystery as some critics suggest it is not a genuine account of a long distance relationship.
MOST of the action at Fairyhouse yesterday was shrouded in mystery due to fog, but a repeat is unlikely at today's triple Grade 1 meeting at the same track.
A massive armed raid on a Muslim meatpacking house in Illinois is shrouded in mystery.
Crumbling cloisters and gargoyles Towers from whence poured blazing oils Battlements and parapets Ramparts and torture pits Monuments to medieval toils; Murky moats and drawbridges Solid iron portcullises The keep a sturdy stronghold A bastion of knights of old Monuments to Monarchs' avidities; Tumbling turrets and buttresses Powdering falling fortresses Echoes of the past Dynasties destined never to last Monuments to voracious vanities; Your walls tell tales of travesties Of torture and of anarchies Shrouded in mystery Days consigned to history Monuments to avarice.