shrug off

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Nevertheless, this will be a tough game for Widnes, who need to shrug off their 'Mr Inconsistency' tag if they are to mount any sort of charge up the table and a credible promotion challenge in the second half of the campaign.
But Manchester United star Wilfried Zaha is facing a battle to be fit for the opener as he struggles to shrug off an ankle injury.
Carlos Tevez inspired Manchester City to shrug off their sluggish start to the season as Roberto Mancini's men were helped on their way by a pair of glaring defensive errors.
SHARE OFFERING: Debenhams hopes to shrug off its debt and take advantage of the recession
When it descends over a drama--as it tends increasingly to do in our movies--it becomes inescapable and pervasive, and so no easier to shrug off than a winter that seems to sprawl from the end of one Canadian summer to the beginning of another.
Many have been known to shrug off the notion and continue on uninformed.
I couldn't just shrug off Alaska as a backwoods backwater in my mind; I knew better now.
Brendan Barber, general secretary-elect of the TUC, said: ``The Chancellor should shrug off his critics.
Under ordinary circumstances, Ashcroft could easily shrug off this new clamor by arguing that the proposed measures are constitutionally suspect and would have done nothing to stop the September 11 attacks.
However, the wrestler should shrug off his opponent's head tie-up for an easy takedown
When asked about it, sailors shrug off concerns with: "Happens everywhere.