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And those nice neighbourly Canadians north of the border managed to get some hostages out by subterfuge and cunning -- aw shucks -- how nice was that but also so telling.
The pathogen grew on high-Aw pecan shucks and shells, but died on middle septum tissue that had been stored at 21 C, 30 C and 37 C for up to six days.
Jobless Mrs Loveridge, 38, said: 'Because our last name is Loveridge and we're part of a big family of travellers, Mrs Shuck thinks we're the lowest of the low.
The researchers found that Salmonella can grow on high-Aw, nutrient-rich pecan nutmeats, shucks, and shells but is sensitive to antimicrobials in the septum tissue and aqueous extract of shucks.
To make the wrappers, rinse the corn shucks with warm water before placing them in a large pot filled with hot water.
Human-resources types coin some memorable not-quite-ready-for-Webster words: the noun re-career is the new job you take after you retire from running with the big rats; job-lock explains your staying in a lousy job because it offers health insurance; and if you're a domo (from downwardly mobile professional), you're an under-40 who shucks a promising career to concentrate on more meaningful or spiritual activities.
Ranno, president of Pollution Controls, noted: "Northern Automotive has sales of $700 million; its subsidiaries include Checker Auto, Kragen Auto Parts and Shucks.