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The specific details of the purchase are not disclosed; however, the company said it expects the commercialisation of its first single-deck poker shuffler to take place in 12 months or less, with plans to develop shufflers for blackjack and other game types in the near future.
The Company operates in legalized gaming markets across the globe and provides state-of-the-art, value-add products in five distinct categories: Utility products, which include automatic card shufflers and roulette chip sorters; Proprietary Table Games, which includes live games, side bets and progressives; Electronic Table Systems, which include various e-Table game platforms; Electronic Gaming Machines, which include video slot machines; and newly introduced Shuffle Interactive, which features online versions of Shuffle Master's table games, social gaming, and mobile applications.
There was a difference of just two goals to separate the teams at full time, but a win is a win and Shufflers FC won't mind how the points are collected.
Shufflers will be used in RAY~s own gambling arcades and casinos.
We only have to see what the paper shufflers at the top are earning.
Those magnificent men snap their four front-line flying machines into line like the sharpest of card shufflers.
The Next Generation of Shuffling Technology: Intuitive Card Shufflers
aspBy this procurement Casino Cosmopol is searching for a supplier of Shufflers.
The paper shufflers sit pretty while Joe Public again suffer the mercurial services of the 21st Century.
What a pity you were deprived of going into the gift shops etc because these shufflers didn't move quickly enough for you.
is a gaming supply company specializing in providing its casino customers Utility Products, including automatic card shufflers, roulette chip sorters and intelligent table system modules, to improve their profitability, productivity and security.
Their trio of Mick Johnson, Bob Treadwell and Andy Lenton carry the flag for the Coton Cons-based shufflers but they will find life far from easy as they lock horns with the quintet of Windmill A's Tracey Shuttleworth, Coton Lib's Kim Hall, John Noble of Boro Social, Bermuda's evergreen 'Wagger' Millerchip and Fife Street A's top pegger Fred Waters on Friday, June 17.