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If as I open the door/you empty your pockets/of keys and broken strings:/leaving of a life undecided/trailing behind you like/musicians shuffling off stage/in the Unfinished Symphony.
As we ponder the wonder of Woolies shuffling off this mortal retail coil to the great high street in the sky, here's the company's store on Stanley Road, Bootle, with some other fine shopping names including Johnsons, Burton's distinctive art deco facade and Peter Pell ('International Styling'
Likewise his poems will never rank with Keats or Robert Frost, but they are a much better laugh, while his chat covers everything from snogging - or not - round the back of the youth club to shuffling off the mortal coil.
That Steadicam shot following immigrants shuffling off of one ship and soldiers marching onto another as cranes unload the Civil War's coffins, telling us everything about history in one brilliantly orchestrated movement that the remaining 2 1/2 hours of ``Gangs of New York'' fail to.
Talk about it on your next walk together, instead of shuffling off alone to the pub for chips.
Indeed, within hours of shuffling off his mortal coil, Joey Ramone, known for singing songs such as "Cretin Hop" and "Teenage Lobotomy," had been resurrected as Joe Hill.