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On whether he is disposed to shunning South African's enterprises, Omuero explained that Nigeria had everything of values, adding that citizens must promote local contents and products.
Furthermore, Mr Chris Ikechukwu was of the view that shunning South African business remained critical to sorting out this unrestrained attacks on our people.
'In the immediate, I will support those calling for the shunning of enterprises run by South Africans in Nigeria.
It is important to note that the distinction between shunning, or disfellowship, and excommunication has been clearly defined in Christian communities that use them.
In contrast to church standards for shunning and excommunication, family ostracism often begins with the intention of producing short-term estrangement that inevitably becomes a prolonged situation that is more difficult to break over time (Fitness, 2005).
Oftentimes, Christian families resort to shunning as a way to express their disapproval of a member's behavior and refer to biblical passages ordinarily understood as relevant to personal or church membership as a way to support this view.
Wealth management businesses are increasingly shunning US millionaires because of the new tax-evasion laws to be enacted soon by the US.
Consumers in Zimbabwe are shunning banking services, according to a study by Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited (KFHL) Group.
Shun him in the place of worship." And so began the process of shunning Charles Boycott.
Australian customers are increasingly turning to Internet and digital solutions to purchase insurance, shunning financial advisors, Financial Standard has reported.
President Rouhani said that both countries have always called for resolving disputes and crises through dialogues while shunning terrorism and violence.
The chief said the peace moves by the Army and security forces have started working as the number of youth joining terror groups has come down but the youth shunning terrorist groups are living in immense fear due to the threat posed by the Pakistan based terror groups.