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And because permanent press products include formaldehyde, he shuns wrinkle-free linens.
For Marshall, it isn't hard to figure out the appeal of the Amish lifestyle, which shuns electricity, cars, telephones and other conveniences in favor of simplicity in conjunction with devout Christian faith.
Photo: (color in AV edition only) George Swain, a retired c hemist for Borax, shuns cars and freeways but enjoys full life with travel, opera and nature.
In contrast, David shuns firearms, is a vegetarian and enjoys discussing the ideas of Mohandas K.
LIAM Gallagher has vowed to always shun the celebrity champagne circuit, saying: "I've been to them parties you only fool me once.
com)-- As anticipated, Shun Ward's new release, "Shun Ward USA - Under Shun's Authority," has satisfied even the toughest critics.
com) (OTCBB: EVIS), is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Shun Shing IT.