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THE WHEELTAPPERS AND SHUNTERS SOCIAL CLUB (1974-1977) WORKING men's clubs have existed since the 19th century as private clubs intended to offer education and recreation for the working man, particularly in the industry-rich areas of the North of England and the Midlands.
This action immobilises the trailer and releases an individually coded key from the end of the lock, which the shunter then inserts into the Salvo Control Panel next to the bay door.
In contrast to a freight locomotive that hauls heavy loads over great distances, a shunter or switcher is a smaller locomotive used in rail yards to assemble trains and to make short hauls.
ORANGE WINNERS: Miss Kim Hochkins, Hall Green; Mr Terence Walters, BloxwichWHERE IN THE WORLD (ITALY): Mrs SHunter, Shrewsbury; Mrs A S Warren, Droitwich; Miss Heather Jones, Bridgnorth; Mrs L Weatherhead, Stratford-upon-Avon; Mr D Barber, Nuneaton
Dock managers running a desktop system have to coordinate, in real time, the activities of gate guards and shunter drivers responsible for moving thousands of trailers between hundreds of docks on a minute by minute basis," noted Maxime Turner, C3 System Architect.
It's thought of of as a minority activity in the same category as collecting diesel electric shunter numbers or participating in kendo.
My crafty and cunning plan to plot up outside the turf accountants was that any lucky wagon shunter who won a few quid would shovel any rifle range in my direction.
On September 26, 1940, Mr Tunna was working as a railway shunter on Wirral's network as the Luftwaffe rained bombs down on Birkenhead docks.
These were then hoisted on to the back of the lorries using a little fork-lift truck driven by a shunter.
The engines, including a new and technically advanced version of the Wartsila 20 -engine, will be used in shunter locomotives and for various marine and power applications.
Malcolm Macfarlane, 79, a retired driver shunter, Middlesbrough: "It's the easiest thing for them to tax because they know people need it.
The widower and father-of-one works as a shunter at SCA Hygiene Products in Prudhoe, Northumberland.