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The lack of deep breathing due to pain has lead to increased pulmonary shunting and hypoxemia.
Shunting can result in dramatic symptom improvement in many patients, but only partial alleviation in others.
To test whether the rerouted blood affects digestion, Farmer's team surgically inactivated the shunting mechanism in some alligators and performed an operation that left the mechanism intact in others.
Intra-abdominal complications of subgaleal-peritoneal or ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunting are uncommon.
Keep in mind that hypoxemia caused by capillary shunting is not amenable to oxygen therapy.
VP shunting remains the most common therapy for NPH (Verrees & Selman, 2004).
Infection represents the most frequent complication of CSF shunting procedures.
PHILADELPHIA -- Researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have completed the first study comparing the location on the spine of the birth defect spina bifida with the rate of shunting -- the surgical placement of a drainage tube.
Under these circumstances, the cogs interlocked, shunting blood that had just come from the body back for another tour instead of sending it to the lungs to reload oxygen.
The Strata valve, a grand prize winner of Design News magazine's 2001 "Excellence in Design Award," marks Medtronic Neurosurgery's latest innovation in hydrocephalic shunting, a technique for draining excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain.
Contract award: provision of services of shunting locomotives, shunting the team traction and maneuverability team / teams maneuverability.
Portosystemic encephalopathy (PSE) occurs due to shunting of blood from the portal to systemic circulation.