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A distal Winter shunt operation was performed, at the end of which the penis was semi-flaccid.
The pathogenesis of intrahepatic non-tumorous portosystemic shunts is controversial.
Attention should be given to nutritional support to all children with cardiac shunts.
Patent 8,211,051 (July 3, 2012), "Electroactive Polymer Actuated Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunt," Stephen E.
Radical transplant procedures, including partial transplantation of the right atrium and open cardiotomy, have been described due to misplaced and migrated shunts (10, 11).
These abdominal complaints often occur many years after their VP shunts have been placed.
The tissue-engineered blood vessels, produced from sheets of cultured skin cells rolled around temporary support structures, were used to create access shunts between arteries and veins in the arm for kidney dialysis in three patients.
Patients with large right-to-left shunts scored higher on one of seven tests of cognitive efficiency and attention, but overall there seemed to be no significant difference between groups in this category.
About 50% of all shunts fail within two years, requiring further surgery.
His past medical history was significant for a ruptured PICA aneurysm 2 years ago, which had been treated with clipping of the aneurysm and a ventriculoperitoneal shunt for hydrocephalus.
One study has shown that patients who have received programmable shunts average about one adjustment within the first six months after surgery, while other patients may require periodic adjustments over several years to experience continued improvement in their condition.
The shunts - where drivers go into the back of the vehicle in front - now account for almost a quarter of all road accidents, figures from car insurance company Admiral found.