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28 Adegbenro Street, Iwaya, Yaba was shut down for failing to obtain a permit and breaking government's seal; while another building on 2 Araoti Street was shut down for adding an additional floor to the existing three-storey building without approval and for breaking government's seal.
We requested them not just do jam but shut down the signal in areas that will be passed by the procession just so we can be sure.
In Conwy, nine schools will be shut - seven will open partially.
Another shut down will be observed on Wednesday 4th December, 2013 from 08:00 am to Thursday 5th December, 2013 till 08:00 am for 24 hours.
From the first whistle it was clear both teams were holding nothing back and in particular, Scott from Shut Them was setting the tone with some great challenges.
Stupid and Shut Up did not know what to do so they went to the police station.
If the indicator is red when the generator is shut down, it will stay red and will be red when you make the before-operations
He calls Ontario's electricity rates "disgraceful" at close to $70 per megawatt hour, and cautions against the McGuinty government's pledge to shut down coal-fired plants by 2007 until a suitable alternative is found.
Instead of insisting that the plants have heat-protected mechanical systems in place that will shut down reactors automatically in case of fire, which is the current standard, the Bush Administration would actually let the power companies rely on workers to run through the plants and try to turn off the reactors by hand while parts of the facilities are engulfed in flames.
Shutdown schedules often remain wide open until the morning of the shut down, so the following can be a common phenomenon: A shut down of a paper machine is estimated to require 10 hours to complete all necessary work.
that was shut down by Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster has vowed to keep his congregation going even though it has lost its official status with the Anglican Church of Canada.
The doors to those minibuses are quite heavy, as you can imagine, and when one of the few women had to clamber her way out to get something, she had to shut the door behind her.