shut away

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RSPCA inspector Kia Thomas said: "This is absolutely disgraceful and if these pets hadn''t been found, they would most probably have died of dehydration shut away and forgotten in that bin.
SPENDING hours shut away in his bedroom on computer game Gran Turismo, Jann Mardenborough was a successful virtual sportsman.
After local government reorganisation they were shut away at County Hall, Durham, so I am delighted that they will now be on display around the town.
It is a sight completely at odds with our perception that horses should be happier out there rather than shut away in a box.
o, Aristazabal Hawkes and Greig Stewart - pretty much shut away from the rest of the world, singer Fyfe reveals it has seen yet another switch in direction for the genre-blurring band: "For the last month or two we've been feeling really energised as a band live; I think this time we're more open to the idea of bringing in people - I'm feeling the urge to have an orchestra again," says the singer, who grew up in Birmingham.
Despite its age, experts say it had just 20 years' use after being shut away in 1933.
The few tourists who are here shun us and stay shut away in their hotels," he said.
Summer, I like sunshine having been shut away in the consulting room for years.
They are cruelly shut away in cages then carved open, injected or force fed drugs in the name of science.
It is much more than that: it throws light on the character of Anne herself and what it must have been like for two adolescents--male and female--to be shut away together in close proximity day and night.
Maradona is reported to be shut away in his house in the Buenos Aires suburb of Ezeiza.
ut feature are the Adrien said: "I read books every week an dream of having the d about three nd I wouldn't em shut away in cupboards.