shut down

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28 Adegbenro Street, Iwaya, Yaba was shut down for failing to obtain a permit and breaking government's seal; while another building on 2 Araoti Street was shut down for adding an additional floor to the existing three-storey building without approval and for breaking government's seal.
We requested them not just do jam but shut down the signal in areas that will be passed by the procession just so we can be sure.
Inter Pipeline, which moves about a third of Alberta's roughly 2mn b/d bitumen production, said it shut down its Corridor pipeline, which shipped 346,000 b/d last year, and partially shut down its Polaris diluent line, which moved 139,000 b/d in 2015, as a safety precaution.
I'll shut down cities individually until December 16, but what I'll do afterwards is something you won't be able to bear", he warned.
Citing the newspaper's lack of a necessary license, the municipality ordered the facility where it is printed shut down.
French banking conglomerate, Credit Agricole (EPA: ACA), has announced a decision to shut down 50 of the bank's branches as it seeks to streamline its operations.
The most expeditious manner of implementing these measures is by the use of a "One Point" shutdown which will immediately shut down the HVAC system.
However, once the generator is shut down, pushing the reset button will "clear" the indicator whether the air filter restriction has been corrected or not.
The reactor will be completely shut down later in the day, the officials said.
CHATSWORTH - County and state officials shut down work Tuesday at an unauthorized construction project in Box Canyon where workers bulldozed a hillside and created a 20-foot cliff beneath a neighbor's million-dollar home.
He calls Ontario's electricity rates "disgraceful" at close to $70 per megawatt hour, and cautions against the McGuinty government's pledge to shut down coal-fired plants by 2007 until a suitable alternative is found.
The 150 members of the London Internet Exchange (LINX)--which also includes major ISPs from Europe, the United States, and Asia--agreed to target and shut down the sites of "spammers who host their e-commerce Web sites with a reputable ISP while sending spam from another network," according to a release from the group.