shut off

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It adds that GM and Ford even took steps to patent a shut off feature.
Landlords should make sure that tenants are shown how to shut off water to the property, especially if they are to vacate the property over Christmas, to prevent any damage caused by frozen pipes.
Only a small section of road was shut off as a precaution.
Though the ordinance allowing water service to be shut off has never been used before, Mr.
This has left us with no option but to shut off the main as an emergency so repairs can be completed.
What the cancer does is shut off the exit from your stomach and shut off all the bile ducts in your liver.
The modified Hydra-Matic transmission adds an auxiliary oil pump and hybrid controls; the oil pump comes into play when the engine is shut off (say at a stop light) so there is oil in the forward clutch so the vehicle will start immediately when the accelerator is depressed.
When researchers shut off the extra D2 receptors by feeding engineered mice doxycycline, they found no change in these animals' memory and attention deficits.
HDACs are counterpart enzymes that operate in reverse; they shut off genes.
If the baler has not been shut off along with the conveyor, the baler's automatic sensor may begin a baling cycle when the worker and the jammed paper fall into the baling chamber.