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Through blistering heat waves and paralyzing blizzards, they go weekly to see their shut-ins, offering friendship and support and delivering seven frozen dinners and supplemental foods such as homemade soups and nonperishable breakfast items.
Many visitors who had not been to Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park for decades came back to see it now.
Small structures, considered to be stromatolites, similar to the laminar and small domal stromatolite Ozarkcollenia, occur in ferruginous Mesoproterozoic bedded tufts of the Cope Hollow Formation near Johnson's Shut-ins, Reynolds County, Mo.
Production was lower due to planned maintenance shut-ins of several fields, technical problems and a strike, according to the agency.
Caption: Arnold Jacobs, owner of Two Turtle fine art gallery at Six Nations, stands in front of a mural he painted for shut-ins.
And in Santa Ana, California, kids will decorate place mats for elderly shut-ins.
Senior citizens living in the downtown area are also served by the center, and a parish nurse team visits elderly shut-ins to attend to their medical and emotional needs.
Otaku means "geek," the culture of typically male shut-ins obsessed to the point of mania with Japan's comics/ animation/video-game industries.
Tribal Services for the Elderly connected Tas Tonlik Ki with a national charitable organization that sponsors nutritional programs on reservations and they provide the funding for our members to cook and deliver a nutritional and often traditional meal for 14 elderly tribal members who are shut-ins.
Help residents be part of telephone reassurance programs for shut-ins or latch-key children.
66 per barrel' and attributing ageing facilities resulting in shut-ins and shut-downs of pipelines as some of the causes that negatively impacted on oil production.