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The "Rewiring Aging" survey reveals a similar impact for those who are "virtually shut-in.
Over the next four years, many of us went through a range of emotions as we all worked to reclaim what was once Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park.
Big Sunday events - which include serving meals, visiting shut-ins, picking up trash and cleaning up the community - will take place this weekend all over the city.
Those who can differentiate their services, by managing coordinated specialty care and community assistance for elderly shut-ins, for example, will stand out in the marketplace.
So Broad and Dowd started a care companion program, matching active members of the congregation with shut-ins for regular visits and to develop a friendship.
He's developing a home-care chronic disease management project providing distant electronic surveillance for sickly shut-ins.
Small structures, considered to be stromatolites, similar to the laminar and small domal stromatolite Ozarkcollenia, occur in ferruginous Mesoproterozoic bedded tufts of the Cope Hollow Formation near Johnson's Shut-ins, Reynolds County, Mo.
Caption: Arnold Jacobs, owner of Two Turtle fine art gallery at Six Nations, stands in front of a mural he painted for shut-ins.
And in Santa Ana, California, kids will decorate place mats for elderly shut-ins.
Senior citizens living in the downtown area are also served by the center, and a parish nurse team visits elderly shut-ins to attend to their medical and emotional needs.
Otaku means "geek," the culture of typically male shut-ins obsessed to the point of mania with Japan's comics/ animation/video-game industries.