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We watched Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park come back to life.
As a result, unfortunately, the shut-ins and institutionalized are rarely visited by a priest.
The 300,000-bpd pipeline from Iraq's northern oil hub of Kirkuk would break the country's reliance on the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline to Turkey's Mediterranean coast as the sole outlet for its northern exports and make it less vulnerable to shut-ins. The pipeline was heavily damaged in the 2003 invasion and in the continuing violence in the Anbar province and the Iraqi-Syrian border areas.
After having been virtual shut-ins because of the miserable winter weather we endured here in the East, the recently arrived beautiful spring days are most welcome, as we finally can get out and enjoy one of our favorite activities: hiking.
In that case, beavers can be "shut-ins," locked into their above-ground lodges and the pond below the ice surface until the weather warms.
US crude oil production declined in the quarter because of field shut-ins associated with Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.
12 show was about Ameren's work to restore Johnson Shut-ins State Park after it was destroyed by flooding from the utility's failed Taum Sauk reservoir.
He paints Daily Kos' Markos Moulitsas Zuniga as an intellectual lightweight who talks about some of his adoring followers "as if they were shut-ins who had forgotten to take their medication." George Soros and the billionaire members of the Democracy Alliance, meanwhile, can't agree on how to lead themselves, let alone the progressive battle of ideas.
That's a real dilemma for shut-ins. How much sunshine, and at what time of day, is best?
They also planned holiday parties and looked after those who were shut-ins.
Their body clocks were running amok--probably, she says, because these shut-ins didn't encounter blue skies or other light that was bright enough to prevent circadian drift.
That reluctant decision led to an amazing result when Mary Labun discovered a note on the windshield early one morning as she was leaving to bring Communion to shut-ins. It was raining that day, and the note was enclosed in a plastic baggie.