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0 m 3 pumping capacity and production of a shut-off structure: - shoring, Construction pit shoring in sheet pile construction, - earthworks, Excavation excavation, - drainage, Excavation, - reinforced concrete works, Production of two pumping stations and a shut-off structure, - steel construction, Recordings of the inspection closures, - stairs, Making embankment stairs made of granite, - fencing, Fences and gates.
The work at the Littlerock valve station is part of the company's Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan, a multi-billion-dollar program that is testing and updating the region's natural gas pipeline infrastructure and upgrading, replacing or retrofitting hundreds of mainline valves in the system with automatic shut-off technology.
The lawsuit seeks action requiring automakers to install automatic shut-off features on all existing and future vehicles with keyless ignition.
Finally, shut-off nozzles can minimize drool in molding operations where the press is frequently disengaged from the mold, such as in many two-shot molding applications.
SPLURGE Delonghi Scultura Champagne kettle PS100, Debenhams THIS super-swish kettle from Delonghi has 3kW rapid boil technology with auto shut-off for energy efficiency, plus a viewing window for an accurate fill.
Cosmopak has introduced a new twist pen with shut-off valve, which, it says, provides absolute 100% airtight sealing--no leaking, quick priming and a constant accurate dosage.
The FireBag thermo activated shut-off devices shut off gas supply when ambient temperatures reach 212[degrees]F, preventing the spread of fire that can lead to gas explosions.
Assured Automation has unveiled the FireBag--a new line of thermally actuated gas shut-off valves used to control the flow of natural, propane or butane gases.
The Water Department was asked by the bank or owner to do a shut-off at an additional 54 properties in Fitchburg, because they were either vacant or foreclosed on.
iGo Laptop Charger charges laptop and other devices from any standard wall outlet and offers automatic shut-off and recovery to reduce vampire power.
FLO n STOP[TM] comes equipped with a solenoid valve, which is plumbed into the water supply line just after the main shut-off valve.
Poppet seals, custom molded from nitrile and many other high performance elastomer compounds, are manufactured by this company for use in check valves for pressure relief and shut-off devices in natural gas valve assembly applications.