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Aclara STAR Network communications module to control Elster AC-250 remote shut-off valve; Provides Smart Grid fixed-network control over gas flows, facilitating improvements to revenues and safety
At one time, more than 40,000 people experienced shut-offs.
Eliadi said the figure of 107 shut-offs is a small rate in the entire context of the department's tens of thousands of services, "but it's still enough to be annoying.
positive shut-off valve for the nozzle of the screw;
Technology uses a single moving part to shut-off the fuel nozzle.
The root cause of this is lack of clamp force and the clamp blowing open under injection pressure, allowing the plastic to flow between the shut-offs, causing the little strings of plastic.
May 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AGA Operations Conference -- Elster (NYSE: ELT) today announced the launch of its AC-250 residential meter remote shut-off valve.
In the next round of shut-offs, as was the case last summer, approximately half of the street lights in town will be turned off.
Rapid Responder runs on laptop computers and allows first responders to instantly access more than 300 site-specific data points, including tactical plans, floor plans, satellite and geospatial (GIS) information, interior and exterior photos, staging areas, hazardous materials locations, utility shut-offs, and evacuation routes for virtually any facility.
4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- With another cold Michigan winter under way, residents can find help managing their energy bills and avoid service shut-offs through payment assistance programs available from DTE Energy utilities MichCon and Detroit Edison.
features mechanically operated shut-offs that close off the melt channel when the mold opens and separates the sprue bar.