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Social Security - Field offices that handle Social Security have limited office hours but Social Security checks, as well as Supplemental Security Income payments, are not affected by the shutdown.
But rather than solve problems, Democratic leadership preferred a shutdown that has dangerous consequences for our national defense.
The report highlights the impact of a government shutdown on the services the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) provides.
Mr Sides said: "There are very strict procedures for petrochemical industry shutdowns.
House delegation appealed to Republican Speaker John Boehner to allow a vote on a resolution to end the government shutdown.
While a quick resolution to the shutdown would be a positive for the economy, and arguably for equities, the shutdown still represents less of a risk than the possibility of a debt ceiling breach.
Americans this week express strong views of the shutdown -- 21% say the closure is a crisis, while 49% believe it to be a major problem.
Stock markets around the world, however, reacted resiliently, with analysts saying significant damage to the US economy was unlikely unless the shutdown lasted for more than a few days.
But even if the polling today did look like 1995-96, I would argue that this looming shutdown will offer nowhere such a clear win for Obama and the Democrats as it did for Clinton.
The shutdown also delayed the transmission of October PPI pricing surveys by about one week.
The green light on the power button will remain lit while the computer runs through its normal shutdown sequence.
A: The Knox 4500 Remote Electrical Power Shutdown Station can be used by first responders during an emergency.