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INDUSTRIAL cleaning specialist Neway has completed a series of jobs for the boiler maintenance shutdown at the Essar Oil UK refinery in Stanlow, Cheshire.
Assuming the government shutdown is temporary (meaning a couple of weeks or less) the economic impact at the national level is likely to be limited.
As non-essential parts of the federal government remain closed, 70% of Americans view the shutdown as a crisis or a major problem, even higher than the 56% saying the same at the height of the last shutdown in 1995.
Republicans clearly took more blame for the shutdowns 17 years ago.
The president this morning agreed that we should not have any talk of a government shutdown," Boehner told NBC's "Meet the Press" in an interview that aired Sunday.
Ranchi, May 16 ( ANI ): The 24-hour shutdown by Maoists on Wednesday against the Central para-military maneuver, Operation Green Hunt, paralyzed normal life and disrupted transport services in the region.
Key benefits of attending Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Africa 2011:
The papers presented by the speakers covered major subjects related to shutdowns with the following key benefits: knowing where it stands, avoiding pitfalls, maximising efficiency, reducing costs and capitalising on failure.
The two-week shutdown begins at the end of this month and there are no plans to change that.
Announcements by car firms in recent months in response to the downturn have included: Aston Martin: Extended Christmas shutdown and 600 redundancies, with employees now on a three-day week.
The panel should receive the "applications" for holding shutdowns at least seven days in advance and the organizers need to give an undertaking that the call will be purely for voluntary shutdown "without coercion, pressure or threat of danger to the person or property of the public or of any other evil consequence".
Stoppages and shutdowns for adjustments, die changes, or maintenance often extend residence time and cause material degradation.