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In 2018, as per the report, there were twice as many internet shutdowns in India as in 2017 and nearly three times that in 2016.
Colmenares added that the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA), which allows generation companies to implement power hikes when plant shutdowns occur, only provides an opportunity for generation companies 'to earn higher profits by shutting down some plants to create an artificial supply shortage.'
The justifications for such shutdowns are usually relatively predictable.
Our bill will protect federal employees and contractors and make sure their credit reports dont take a hit if they fall behind on payments during a government shutdown.
Stories of struggling federal employees flooded the media during the shutdown, highlighting just how many people working for the government were living paycheck-to-paycheck.
For some, including Trump advisers like acting ( White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney  and acting White House budget director ( Russell Vought , the shutdown was a ( useful exercise in limited government.
'Normally, there is a coordination meeting set whenever there's a Malampaya shutdown. All stakeholders will meet to ensure there is adequate supply and to ensure minimal impact on consumers,' Fernandez said.
"A longer shutdown is something we have not had," Powell, however, also said.
He also worried about the lack of key economic statistics during the government shutdown that the Fed uses to take the temperature of the economy.
One of the key sectors being affected by the frequent shutdowns is the tourism sector.
As indicated by a ( report by Insurance Journal over the holidays, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is limiting the authority of the nation's flood insurance program to issue new and renewal policies during the federal government shutdown. The insurance and banking industries oppose the move and are urging FEMA to reconsider.
Countless stories of lost contracts, business closures and sacked employees followed last year's 94-day shutdown in "Silicon Mountain" Cameroon.India has had the most shutdowns, more than 100 in 2018 alone, due to political turmoil, protests, military operations or even to prevent examination cheating.