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One feature missing that is nearly a deal breaker for me, however, is the lack of a volume-button shutter release. The developer states that Apple has denied them access to this feature, even though several other apps have it.
A dedicated AF area selection button, positioned conveniently next to the shutter release, enables quick switching between modes, without having to take the camera away from the eye.
The compact, symmetrical design, tiltA[degrees] ing touch screen and an innovative system of lens rings A[degrees] the twist lens ring can be turned in either direction to operate the zoom function, while a second ring is used as the shutter release A[degrees] allow the camera to be used any way up, even upsideA[degrees]down, giving users a considerable amount of flexA[degrees] ibility for the best shots.
What the camera is seeing is displayed live smoothly on the smartphone/tablet and it is possible to set various controls including focus setting, exposure compensation, ISO, WB and Photo Style in addition to shutter release via live view using Wi-Fi.
Finally, at Mount Pisgah, the first exposure of the hike is awkward, it involves a deliberate set of actions: Take a light meter reading, set aperture and shutter speed; crank the film to the first exposure; open the viewfinder and compose the photograph; focus, study the background; look in every corner; keep the horizon level; gently press the shutter release.
"The picture was taken with an automatic-timer shutter release ...
The M9 edition features a titanium case, a redesigned top deck, base plate, shutter-speed dial, and shutter release. It also includes three lenses.
With the world's fastest shutter release lag of nearly 0.02 seconds, the NEX-7 is the fastest of any interchangeable lens digital cameras in the world.
Andy said: "I stood close by and waited, using a remote shutter release and wide angle lens to capture this "As we were photographing chap there, another chap was raiding our d , ter gle image.
I had a few hurdles to jump before I began getting the results I hoped for--I had to figure out how to focus and how to keep the camera from shaking as I pushed the shutter release. But after a while, I learned how to shoot some pretty nice pictures of the Moon.
I set the f-stop to 2 and the shutter speed to bulb, focus on infinity, and depress the cable on the shutter release. After tightening the screw to keep the cable depressed and the shutter open, I slowly move away from the camera, taking care not to inadvertently bump the apparatus.
SOMETIMES it seems almost beyond belief that, more than 150 years after photography came of age, the remark can still be heard: "But is it art?" Chances are the questioner will never have picked up a paintbrush or pressed a shutter release in their life - or, if they have, they've never given it a moment's thought.