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The architecture leans more towards the practical than the aesthetic and is especially adapted to provide respite from the summer heat by way of large shutterless windows.
Leveraging its years of experience in security applications, the new thermal-imaging video engine offers an outstanding image performance, ultralow power consumption, low voltage input, extremely short time to image, built-in digital video output, shutterless operation, and much more.
He'd taken his station wagon up mountains and along jungle trails when he barely knew how to drive, instructing his trusting wife to get down in total darkness and put a stone beneath the rear wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards, he'd crossed streams in spate with all of us closing our eyes and praying we wouldn't be swept away, he'd camped (and slept soundly) in wide open, shutterless rooms in the middle of the jungle, thrilled beyond measure when he saw the pug marks of the panther that had prowled around all night.